Las Vegas Casino Takeover! Who Will Be Standing At The End?

Mafia City    05/12/2020

In the vibrant city that never sleeps, every Leader is longing for the beauty, the fortune and the wealth that pours into the city. As we all know, what happens in Casino City stays in Casino City!

The new Las Vegas Casino Takeover event is around the corner. To ensure that you can get the most benefits possible and enjoy the game to the fullest, the Secretary has brought you the event’s invitation. Please read it carefully.

Event Duration: May 15th at 00:00:00 - May 26th 23:59:59 (City Time)

The event is divided into 4 stages:
1. Preparation Stage (7 days)
2. Pre-battle Stage (24 hr+16 hr flexible time)
3. Battle Stage (48 hr)
4. Peace Stage (lasts 5 days in total for stage 2-4)

★Preparation Stage★
This stage will last for 7 days, consisting of 3 phases: Registration, Matching, and Display.

The registration will be held during the first 3 days of this Stage. Cities will need to register for the event through their Mayor or Secretary by choosing a favorable starting time for the coming event battle.

After the Registration Phase ends, the Matching Phase will begin which will last for 2 days. The result of the matching will be released during the Display Phase, which will also last for 2 days after the Matching Phase has ended. During this phase, Leaders can view the grouping details on the event’s interface.

★Pre-battle Stage★
During the Pre-battle Stage, Leaders with Lv. 22 or above Mansion will be able to enter the Las Vegas battlefield. Cities that have chosen 0:00/8:00/16:00 (city time) as starting time will enter different battlefields respectively. And their corresponding Pre-battle Stage duration will be 24 hr/32 hr/40 hr.

At the Pre-battle Stage, Leaders can gather resources from Shops, Attack or Raid Event Vegas Forces or Kill Enemy Crew Members to get various types of Casino Points and claim the corresponding Rewards.

Leaders will be able to get Rewards when either type of the Casino Points (Personal) reaches the specified amount.
All Leaders in a City will also receive a buff that is only effective in the Las Vegas battlefield when your City’s Casino Points (sum of Personal Points gained by Leaders from the same City) reaches the specified amount.

Resources that can be gathered in the Las Vegas Casino Map include Family Coin, Roadster Points, Hitman Coin, Gems, Godfather Coin, and many more rare Items. Additionally, the Vegas Forces that can be defeated during the Las Vegas Casino Takeover event are all brand new forces and the Rewards obtained from defeating them are unimaginable!

Leaders can gather as many Resources, defeat or Raid as many Vegas Forces, and kill as many enemy Crew members as possible during the event to get the Points necessary to claim amazing Rewards!

★Battle Stage★
The Battle Stage will start at the time the City chose after Pre-battle Stage is over. This stage is divided into two phases: The Rookie Casino and the High Roller Casino. Each phase will last for 1 day.

The suburb of the battlefield will be divided into 12 areas. The 12 cities in a group will emerge at random in any one of the 12 areas when the battlefield is opened. Each city has 1 area where all qualified Leaders from this city will emerge.

☆The Rookie Casino☆
During this phase, a group of 6 Casinos will open up every 12 hours on the battlefield. Each Casino will provide a different type of Buff, which will be revealed when the battlefield is open. Once a Leader occupies a Casino for more than 3 hours, the Leader will take ownership of the Casino.

▷The Rookie Casino Rewards◁
Leaders of the city that successfully occupied a Rookie Casino will receive an occupation reward if they own Casino Points. Additionally, the Buff of this Casino will be effective for all Leaders in the Leader’s city.

If Leaders of the same City occupy multiple Rookie Casinos, the same type of Buffs won’t be stacked but the occupants will still get an occupation Reward.

☆The High Roller Casino☆
The High Roller Casino phase will begin after the Rookie Casino phase comes to an end.

The High Roller Casino is located at the center of the battlefield surrounded by 4 Arms Bunkers and 4 Hangout Sites. Occupying the Arms Bunkers and the Hangout Sites will help Leaders in the same City to take over the casino.
Occupying the Arms Bunkers will enable them to attack the enemies that are occupying the High Roller Casino.
Occupying the Hangout Sites will provide the City’s Leaders with additional Battle Buff(s).

Leaders must occupy the High Roller Casino for 4 hours consecutively to successfully take over the Casino. The Leader that successfully takes over the High Roller Casino will become the “Chief Legislator”.

▷The High Roller Casino Rewards◁
Leaders that successfully occupied the High Roller Casino and own Casino Points will immediately receive an Occupation Rewards at the end of the stage. (Leaders that don’t have any Casino Points can’t get the reward).

As the “Chief Legislator”, you’ll gain the privilege to gift special gifts to Leaders that fought their all during the battle. Additionally, the “Chief Legislator” can appoint Leaders to the 8 different Official Positions, each with their own Buffs & Debuffs. The Leaders that get appointed will hold the positions until the next Las Vegas Casino event begins.

Positive Officials: Lead Prosecutor, County Sheriff, Key Treasurer, and County Clerk.
Negative Officials: Gambler, Swindler, Hobo, and Drunkard.

Before the battlefield fully closes, participating Leaders can enter the High Roller Casino to pay tribute to the “Chief Legislator” for a random Reward from the Chief Legislator once daily.

Additionally, Leaders in the city that successfully occupied a High Roller Casino will enjoy the buffs exclusive to the winners.

★Peace Stage★

The Peace Stage will start after the High Roller Casino battle ends. For Cities that have chosen starting time at 0:00/8:00/16:00 (City Time), the duration of this Stage is 48 hr/40 hr/32 hr respectively.

During the Peace Stage, all event buildings will be closed. However, Leaders can continue to gather from Shops and defeat Vegas Forces until the Las Vegas Casino Takeover event comes to an end.

1. Please be aware that Resource brawls will result in Lost Crew Members directly. Lost Crew Members can be healed at the battlefield’s Healing Center by consuming Medical Certificates.
2. During the event, Leaders can choose to enter and exit at any time without having any repercussions to the Leader’s progress.
3. In the battlefield, you can protect your Turf by using a Truce Item to avoid any attacks.

For more details, kindly head to the Event Center after the event starts. The Secretary will also bring you more information on the event in the near future. Kindly stay tuned.

If you have any questions, kindly do not hesitate to contact our in-game GM or add our official Line: @mafiacitycs.

The first-ever “Las Vegas Casino Takeover” event is about to commence. Gather the strongest Leaders in the City to win surprising Rewards on the battlefield!

Have Fun Gaming!
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Full burst! Vigilante Equipment Set is coming!

Full burst! Vigilante Equipment Set is coming!


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Las Vegas Casino Takeover! Who Will Be Standing At The End?

Las Vegas Casino Takeover! Who Will Be Standing At The End?

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Full burst! Vigilante Equipment Set is coming!

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